Abby White

May 1991-July 02 2007

Abby was born in May 1991 in Vista, one of ten pups born to a black Labrador retriever and German shepherd couple. She may have been a mutt, but she came from good stock. She spent the first years of her life in San Marcos but had the good fortune to be adopted by her mom Jerre and move to Encinitas. Encinitas was her paradise ? a large yard with room to explore, daily walks to the ocean overlook (and occasionally on the beach!), and running and sniffing with her friends at the D Street dog park. Abby had many dog-friends over the years: Canella, Amber, Roamer, Milo, Hooper, Hobbs, and Ruger. She learned to love her two people cousins, Alek and Max. Abby was a sweet dog, well-behaved, friendly with other dogs, and loved everyone ? particularly her Grammy who brought her cookies every visit. She was even good to (or at least tolerated!) her two cat-sisters.

Jerre and I are grateful to everyone who loved and cared for Abby, but especially her two primary sitters ? Vicki in San Marcos and Lisa in Encinitas. We can?t adequately express our appreciation for what you gave Abby, and us. We also want to express our sincerest thanks to Dr. Sue Redpath and the staff at Peaceful Paws for ensuring that Abby left us in a dignified and humane way.

Everyone give your pets (and friends and family) a hug for us, you never know when they?ll be leaving you.

And finally, for those that remember the Old Yeller theme song, sing along?

?Here Abby, come back Abby! Best dog-gone dog in the West.?