2018 - 2022

Our beloved Emme is gone. She passed away on 12/3/22. She was only 4 1/2 years old & robbed of a full life! She was the most loving & sweetest cat I’ve ever known. She absorbed our love daily. I believe that’s why she fought SO HARD for 4 months, she didn’t want to leave us! She was loved beyond measure. She was loved more than I can ever even express. I am numb. I have no words to describe the pain we are feeling. 😔💔 she was my baby. ♥ This was my baby girl back in May of this year, healthy as can be, I still do not understand what happened? I cannot understand this. My son was very bonded with her, he is destroyed also. My husband cannot stop crying. I cannot make sense of this. It’s just senseless. The loss of our beautiful Emme will sadly leave a permanent emptiness in all of our lives. I can only pray I can one day see her again & be with her. 😔💔🙏🏻🌈

Emme was taken from us way too soon. She was the sweetest, most loving cat anyone could ever have. She fought so hard for 4 months, she improved greatly for 2 months & then sadly relapsed & was gone within 3 weeks of relapse. Emme had suspected FIP. We miss her dearly & will never fully get over her loss. We are beyond distraught.