Loba Nunez

2009 - 2020

Loba, oh my God my little baby girl! mama is so in like oh my God again ...disbelief and amazement! because I wasn't nowhere looking like at your website- only because it brings me like so sad very only because I miss you so out of this world much bear with me I'm using that button where you can speak into the mic and well now um? not to get you sad or worried my baby it's just ...honestly ,Mommy has been off of the chain out of this world ! and kinda outta my mind (tripping )without you my baby. You know Mommy though! always so happy and so silly and fun ...while I try to keep that spark alive! By remembering you and feeling soooo blessed n lucky 4 wen I DO receive your messages! Yes, my baby I get them kinda on the regular! Happy n proud to say so ...I'm so blessed to have this communication you n I still carry! We are just that close that...that's wat jus happens. Huh, BERRY? Thank you my BABY! Momma misses u with all; my heart. Here thinking of u my angel I LOVE YOU, ALWAYS