2007 - 2023

Alix, my beloved sweet boy, you were my heart and soul. When I rescued you, I thought I was just saving you. You in fact saved me. Throughout our years together, you have proven what UNCONDITIONAL love really is. We then rescued Cody, so you weren't alone, one year later. You got to see and adventure the great outdoors, fly on a plane and even a car. You have given me so much love and joy for 16 years. It was 2 years ago when your brother Cody passed. I knew you missed him terribly, like me. You gave signs it was time to go, to go be with Cody, as he needed you up there. Rest easy, no more pain and all the birds and bugs you can see, live free and happy, my sweet Alix and Cody! May you keep each other safe, and watch over me, giving me signs, you are near. You'll always be in my heart sweet boys. Mama loves you both so much and miss you. Your sister Bella & brother Dexter misses you so much too. They hardly eat and I encourage them to, so they can be healthy when they see you. Until we meet again my angels, fly high and be happy. 😻😻 🌈😿😿 Love mama, Bella & Dexter 😽😽😽