Grateful and compassinate

I lost my dog Cortez on June 29th, 2024. I was having an extremely difficult time with his passing. I took my dog to my VETERINARIAN with the wish of him to be cremated. After about a week i RECEIVED his ashes. The presentation and compassion from my Veterinarian and Cal Pet was outstanding. Thank you for your commitment to this service and the care i received when i really needed it.

AnnaLisa Bowman

Great Care for my Pet

It was with great sadness that our Maltese mix, Snoopy, passed away at home last month. He passed away after suffering illness for the past 6 months. Several trips to the vets did not lessen his sufferings. Fortunately he died naturally, at home. He lived a good, ripe age of almost 15 years. We definitely wanted a private cremation service for him, sprinkled with a few flowers from our garden.
But the biggest problem was that my wife was leaving to visit her relatives overseas in a day; and it was too late to cancel the flight. But we both wanted to be there to say our final goodbye.
I called different pet cremation places. West Coast Pet Memorial was very flexible and accommodating. They understood; and had absolutely no issue to keep him in the morgue for the two-week duration while my wife was overseas.
The staff, Skyla, Christie and Marcella kept the place very clean and comfortable. When the cremation time came, they brought Snoopy into a private viewing room to say our final goodbye.
What is more, they had three private-cremation chambers, all computerized, with all the correct information before starting the cremation. We were able to witness the entire process.
If I could give West Coast Pet Memorial Service a 10-star rating, I would be glad to do so in a heart beat.


thank you for your thoughtful caring

We lost our sweet little french bulldog Maximus last week and just picked Up his ashes from the vet. We were so happy with the beautifUlly carved box, the little paw print, and the fact you had put his name on both. It is a perfect tribute to a very special little dog we will cherish forever. Thank you for caring for little Max in his last moments on earth and treating him with respect and dignity.

Anne-Marie Spencer


I just picked up our ashes for our beloved Mia. what a total disappointment. they didn't put her name plaque on the box, the paw print i had them do in clay wasn't even framed with some of her hair like I had expected and asked for. the ink paw print they did could've been from any dog and they didn't put her name on it or anything. i would never recommend this place.


Samson’s home

We lost our 9 yr old canine son, Samson, after a brief illness. Having to say goodbye to a beloved pet is extremely tough. We've had pets cremated in the past, but West Coast goes above and beyond with how they honor pets and pet parents. The process was easy and we had our Samson back home within a week. The blue urn is beautiful, paw print is just perfect and the tuft of hair is perfect. I truly will recommend you again and again to friend and family.

April McPherson

Amazing service

I had my beautiful baby cremated and although the loss was hard, west coast pet memorial made the entire process much easier. I received email UPDATEs along the way and I feel like the process was done much quicker than originally estimatd. They did such an amazing job with her urn, put her in a beautiful velvet bag inside the urn. It was very professionally presented even with being sent through the mail. I loved that it included a certificate of cremation. Highly recommend this company for your pet cremation needs.

Amanda mullens

We are so thankful

West coast pet memorial has given us the gift of our cremated pets three times now, and i am so very thankful for them! Each animal no matter how teeny tiny (hamster and guinea pigs) , they are so very thoughtful and each box comes delicately packaged with love and tender care. You have given my DAUGHTER a WONDERFUL and peaceful way to love and remember her pets and keep them close to her heart when she needs them. The delicate hand engraved wood boxes are stunning, the paw prints are perfect, and the velvet bags they come in, i am surprised each time and will forver use this wonderful company for all my pet cremains. Thank you for loving my pets in their final moments on earth and keeping their cremains safe until they can come home to us again.
Worth every penny!!!!!


So thoughtful

My sweet dog sadie unexpectedly passed away last friday and i just picked up her ashes from the vets office. I want you all to know what angels you are. Simply angels walking this earth. The box with her ashes is so beautiful and her paw print is so sweet. The way everything was presented was with such care, honor and respect. I could not be more grateful for how beautifully everything was presented. Also, the pamphlet you included about the grieving process really helped me. It helps me realize that what i am going through right now is normal. I so needed to hear this. Thank you for everything. It means so much to me. You are angels walking this earth.

Jennifer Kindred

Above and beyond

After putting down our dog recently, we werent sure what to expect, but what we recieved when we got louis’ ashes back literally took our breath away (really, my wife and i gasped). The SACHET of fur and paw print were so meaningful to us there isn’t a way to properly express how grateful we are. The cedar urn is gorgeous and well made and the entire presentation is excellent.


Very appreciative

My cat finn recently passed away. The container for his ashes with his name tag and the paw print with his name on it meant so much to me. The brochures that came with them have been helpful in handling my grief. so grateful for the services of this company and for their compassion.