2012 - 2022

Who knew you were going to grow up and be such a star. From Bainbridge island to upper Queen ANne! Queen auto she has been. Auto could be seen from her perch at the window. She will miss be missed by the school kids of Saint Annes. Auto Watched them daily going to and from daily. She enjoyed listening and watching the birds, SQUIRRELS anD mice on youtube CONTINUOUSLY thrOugh out the day. Auto lived a life of luxUry with her human, Alex..Alex got auto For christmas in 2012, alex TUrned 16 just a bit earlier that year. They have enjoyed each other as much as the other did. From rides to the PENINSULA to walks down to the park in her Royal carriage (pet stroller but she musnt hear us say that) auto leaves behind a very very sad mom/human alex of queen anne, granDparents: POpa and mimi of Poulsbo, aunt skye (reid) of silverdale, Uncle cole of poulsbo, uncle brendan of Poulsbo. She also leaves behind her son GUs, her brother “dez” bryant and brother “Dak” presCott. She Had another son “salem” but he ran off to join a grunge band in seattle and he doesnt keep in touch. Auto enjoyed ice cream, fresh cream, tik taki duck treats, gold fish crackers and well anything else her human Was eatinG. Alex is a sweet dEar soul and this cats passing has truly broken her heart. With much love, kisses and snuggles……aleXs mom, aka autos mimi.