Baby Fendi Hutchinson

Baby Fendi Hutchinson Born 10-2004- Departed June 6, 2020
I fine roustabout of a puppy dog. I fierce defender of the family and held her ground but also a wonderful friend until the end. Baby was a Cocker Spaniel but you could not tell that from the way we groomed her. She was Lily’s Christmas present and slept by her side until she went to college. Nina took care of her when she first arrived and we all think she believed Nina was her mom.
Baby took long walks with Becky and I but it was more of a dog pull. On many runs with Lily and Annabelle she would constantly stop, making the runs a real pain. She was always ready to chase a squirrel or rabbit but did not play well with other dogs accept Nina’s Cooper. She had been in a few scrapes with neighborhood dogs which left her with a broken leg, ripped out teeth and a few stitches along with a strong distrust for other dogs. She did get along with cats which is weird. She also jumped out a second story window to spoon with her next door neighbor boyfriend. A few bruises but that did not stop her. She jumped off a snow drift from 8 ft and dislocated her hip for the same reason. Later she dislocated the same hip again and almost had her leg amputated. We still kept her going as she was family. But in the end she started to wain at nearly 16 years old. Today, she injured her spine and there was no way to bring her back.
I recall a few moments of Baby’s life that make me smile. I used to have a cell photo of her with Lily on our hammock that I can’t find but the image is burned into my memory. She bit my Mom, Mark Stacell, most of our family and a few outlaws. Anyone else that knew Baby can chime in. She traveled to and from Colorado and lately from Austin to Galveston and West Columbia with ease. She also has a permanent spot in my truck while wagging her tongue out the window. Also, she hiked with Becky and I all over Colorado and now in Austin. Baby's favorite activity was chasing seagulls. She loved cookies and cheese especially for Lily's tricks. I cannot recall a time when she was not by my side or under the bed.
I certainly missed out on naming other moments but for now our house is quiet. Time will pass and the moments will bring smiles. But there is a season for everything.
I just took a walk around the trails and she led the way. She knew how to get me home safe.
See you one day Baby. Catch up with Skipper, Kease, Jet, Archie and don’t give Preakle and Casper a hard time. They have been waiting for you.