2005 - 2020

My girl Bella passed away at 10pm on 8.15, in my arms, at home surrounded by her family. We were on a FaceTime call with her mom, my ex who is visiting family in Lithuania. I knew her time was near but never expected this surreal experience to naturally happen during our call.

Bella was 15 1/2 and was born approximately 2.1.05 in Georgia. She was found as an abandoned puppy in a cardboard box at a dumpster. From the moment she arrived at the house with her unique personality, she settled in comfortably and that was that, she choose us and was part of the family. Short in stature with turned out front paws, she loved chasing squirrels, was an avid outdoors girl, hiker, and a life long big sister companion to our Lithuanian Farm rescue puppy, Brayvis who is now 13.5. Bella had aggressively been battling both Cushings Disease and Liver Disease since 2017. While we successfully extended her joyful years, the disease’s progression and Father Time evidently took its toll. These past six months had ravaged her of gifted speed, agility and endurance... but it never took away her heart, will to live, sense of adventure, and sweet disposition. We rode in the red chariot multiple times each day to destinations where she would enjoy every journey then get out and do a little investigating and socializing. It was a fraction of the activity that she once enjoyed when healthy, but she loved it and looked forward to it for everyday for what it was.
I now find comfort in knowing she no longer has to struggle, is pain free, agile, and has joined her Black Lab big sister, Barkley, again.

This is absolutely the worst part of being a fur father. As most all of you know, I have no children and my fur kids are my children and family... they pass way too soon. I’m heartbroken and will miss my loving, active girl. Her soulful eyes, morning wake up nose nudges, the head cocked moments when she heard the words “ Walkie”, “Go for a ride?”, “Squirrel”, and her “warning” barks when prompted to notice other dogs on TV or while on car ride and standing on center console, were simple joy. She was pure love and loyalty without agenda. Known as the MuscleMissle, BellaMaccaBella and me she will always be my Beltunukis♥️. I love you Bella and will see you again on the other side.🌈