Bella “Scruffy” Ortiz

2005 - 2016

Bella "Scruffy" Ortiz
September 1, 2005 - July 14, 2016
Chorkie Mix

Everyone's favorite lap dog.

Special Memory
Scruffy was literally everyone's dog. When we lost our home to foreclosure, she had to be fostered. Our friends and family took turns watching after her when we could not without hesitation. She was a companion for my grandma, the many children of our friends and of course us. Her love was infectious and you couldn't help but love her when you met her. Scruffy loved being the center of attention, but didn't mind sharing that spotlight with her buddy Guy. Her cutest act was pawing at your hand until you gave her love. Scruffy passed away gently in her sleep and we're sorry to see her go. She will be missed by everyone until we see her at Rainbow Bridge.