2017 - 2022

Dear Buddy, Thank Your everything you given me joy, you given me love I never knew, I will miss seeing you every morning before work,after work, and taking you out. You enjoyed the sunshine, and you always attracted humming birds, and butterflies. Your green eyes are so beautiful. I will miss your head butts, your high fives, your voice. One thing for sure animal's love better than people can. Your my fat boy, my baby boy, my prince, my heart. Your paws are forever imprinted in my heart. No matter where I am at ,or where I am going, or what I am doing or time of day I will be looking for you and thinking of you. It's hard for me and my heart Hurts so much 💔 😪 I am broken with out you. I will try to be best I can be for YOU! I know you gave your all . I am thankful I had opportunity to meet you and love you. I am thankful for opportunity to be with you in the moment. I wish I could of gave more or do more but.... I am thankful I had opportunity to lay down by you one last time and hold you every step of way in my arms and cuddle with you. It's heart wrenching and I will do my best to be strong for you because you are strong. I will always remember you. Xoxox