Buffey, you gave Dad and I so much joy during your long life. I remember how you loved to chase squirrels in the backyard and lay beside me in the sunshine on the chase lounge in our backyard.

You were always a "trooper" making the move to Las Vegas with me and return trip. You loved Las Vegas especially when I took you to the dog park. I wish we were still there.

I thought I had prepared myself for this day but you are never prepared for the final day especially when it was unexpected that morning I took you to the vet.

I am still grieving for you as I miss you greeting me when I come in, sitting in my lap, and laying in bed with me. I will miss you the rest of my life.

I have your box next to me, along with the cast of your footprint and locks of fur.

You gave me unconditional love every day of your life and I will miss you forever. It is so hard not to see you every day.

I know you are with Dad and Mom in Heaven, free of your pain. You are back to running in the grass, chasing squirrels, enjoying the sunshine, and sitting on Dad's lap.

You were wonderful companion to me. I used to sing the song "You are My Sunshine to You" and you loved to hear it. I found a frame with that printed on the glass. I had the last picture of you placed in it, framed, and it sits right in front of me.

As I always told you when I hugged you, "my heart is your heart".