Bullet was born November 2012. He was a beautiful Pitbull who loved his owner, Jeff. He had a daughter named daisy. I am bullet's grandma and I am writing this to share with you what our boy meant to us. The day my son brought him home, I took one look at him & was not to happy, his eyes were cute, but his mouth looked like an alligators mouth. I thought he would be mean, he was total opposite of mean. He loved going fishing and going bye bye anytime. Wherever my son was, bullet was there. He loved chasing balls. He put many a puncture wound in balls. Basketballs would flatten out like a pancakes. He loved fetching anything, loved playing tug a war with his rope, and he would always win. Bullet was well behaved, if you walked away from you're plate of food, he wouldn't try to eat it. I would place a piece of food in my mouth and he would gently take it from me. He was friendly towards anyone who came over, the only time he sounded mean, was when he was in bed with my son, or in the car, only when he would think someone was coming towards us. But not one time did he ever bite anyone, he loved kids and life but most of all he loved his dad, Jeff. He brought as such happiness he was one of a kind, There will be No other dog like him. The day that He passed away was one of our worst days, The tears haven't stopped. He will always be in our hearts, he was my grandson doggy.