2008 - 2022

Callie.....our Sea Captain, our pretty girl, you gave us 14 years to the day of a beautiful and better life🐾❤️. There was something about you. You were an old soul yet stayed young at heart. You gave us just what we needed to realize joy and survive the struggles. We loved watching you frolick, swim-wander and 'fish''. You were a water dog to the core and joined us on every activity we could do in and on the water. We will miss our endless beach walks and following behind your galloping bow legs. You only had eyes for Ryan and my heart was full as I watched you follow him everywhere just to be by his side. Danika always shouted your name "Dai-Yee" (how she could say it) with such delight and you were forming a bond. We will miss your engaging eyes, stroking your silky ears, hugging your barrel body and holding hands. You joined our heavenly loved ones, making it to your milestone 14th birthday as your final act of defiance against the cancers hurting you. But until that moment, you showed us your love of life and love for us. We miss you so much and love you deeply and forever, sweet Callie 💔🌈