Submit a Message in Memory of your Pet: Chewstrings, my beloved Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, passed away yesterday afternoon after a lengthy illness. Thankfully, he is no longer suffering and in pain. I had Chewie from the time he was a puppy, and we spent 12 wonderful years together. He was the sweetest, most loving little guy. I feel so very sad and cannot imagine life without him. I’m absolutely prostrate with grief.

Tell us the ‘story’ of your pet: Chewie came to me as a puppy – 12 weeks of age, to be exact. He was so tiny when I brought him home. Until he got his bearings, he walked sideways. I chose the name Chewstrings, because he chewed on my shoestrings, upon our first meeting. He loved to wander in the flower beds and eat mulch. He loved popcorn. He loved to chew on scraps of fabric. His favorite toy was an old cloth napkin. We called it his “baby.” He preferred that over all of the stuffed animals in his toy basket. He loved his brother, Patches. He loved to ride in the car. Most of all, he loved to sit my lap and he loved to be rocked to sleep.