2014 - 2022

Coco-Chanel came to us four years ago through adoption from the Downey animal shelter. She has been a joy from the first day we brought her home until the day she drew her last breath; this gentle soul has been the sparkle of our lives.
We looked forward to going on our walks and car rides as she tried to position herself on one of our laps to enjoy the fresh sea breeze in her mohawk. Ah, you heard that right, #themohawk. We affectionately nicknamed her "thickness." We thought we would have her almost forever until we were struck with a cruel reality. During one of her routines walks with papa, she collapsed outside. She was rushed to the vet, where she told us she had advanced cancer just days before my birthday. I could not believe the news, hoping it was a mistake. But the more days that went by, the more she wasn't getting any better before my bday cruise. The family all started spending extra time with her until early Tuesday morning when I was the sole person left standing by her side. She quietly laid down for the last time and drifted to the rainbow ridge forever. We took her to the vet hospital, where reality began to sink in that I would not be taking my Coco-Chanel back home alive and well, but returned to me in an urn after she was to be cremated. It was more than I could stand, and it broke me down beyond all measure. The vet staff was very comforting and understanding. I saw what was once a beautiful soul and light in my life being whisked away through the medical doors for the last time in her physical body form. I had accepted my Coco-Channel's death in my mind. I am just having great difficulty trying to explain it to my heart.
We love you, Coco-Chanel, and you will be in our hearts forever.