CoCo! Krishna

2004 - 2020

CoCo! Krishna.
September 2004 - September 1st, 2020

You are & were my everything. My son, sun & moon. My guiding light & angel. My buddy & best friend. You had so much innocence. You were such a strong & good boy, never touching, tearing, barking or biting anything or anyone.

I will never forget our first encounter back in 2014. Our eyes caught each other in Grenada & to me, it felt as if we had both known each other from a prior life. When others didn't understand you & had complained, you trusted that I understood your love language.

Since that day, we established such a unique bond & friendship -- one that no human could ever dream to emulate.

In my lowest of lows, you gave me your unwaivering love, loyalty & companionship. Simply put, our relationship was the most transcendant of any I had ever had.

You taught me how to love again. You taught me how to smile during trying times. When I was down, you were my positive energy that kept me going. I looked forward in rushing home to you when I could. To me, you were my always. No matter the hurdle, we faced them together.

You taught me patience. You showed me light when I thought there was darkness.

I only wish we had more time together, not that I selfishly wanted you to live longer, but in that I wish we had found each other earlier, perhaps while I was in Grenada as a medical student. Nevertheless, our paths were meant to cross when they did. It was destiny or fate that had you & I both on the same trajectory - a collision of sorts that grew into something better. Our friendship is one that many, even those who read this, could ever really know the true meaning of.

I hope I showed you true love, just as you did to me. I hope I gave you the best possible life I could. I hope I made you feel comfort from what previous emotional trauma you endured. I know you helped me in all sorts of way.

I have learned a lot from you. And your passing has made me realize the emptiness I feel now & will feel without you there by my side.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment we had shared together. We were travel buddies, sleeping buddies, TV watching buddies, eating buddies, study buddies and much more.

I also know that you would want me to help other neglected dogs in the same ways I was fortunate enough in helping you. So, in your name, I plan to either volunteer at a animal shelter or donate money or items to GSPCA (Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

I miss & love you so much CoCo!

I hope that your enduring soul is reborn. I also hope that you & I meet again in a different life & in a different form.