2007 - 2021

Colby was an amazing animal. She was our baby. She was our best friend. She'd always comfort you when you are lonely or sad. She had a heart of gold. She was funny. She would paw out treats and scoop with her paw. She was incredibly intelligent. She loved to slip under the covers if you held them up for her, and she'd cuddle you. She'd nudge you with her cold wet nose on your belly for pets or under your arm to get your attention. She'd nudge, and nudge until she got what she wanted or hold her paw in the air and move it. I mean, she would do it over and over. She was not playing when it came to cuddles, and pets! She was affectionate. She was a good hunter. She loved to play until she got sick. She was the life of the house. Without her she will be missed dearly. She will forever be in our hearts, and absolutely no one will be able to forget her or replace her. She is such a special soul. May she rest in peace, and be running in fields on the other side catching birds or mice. No pain or sadness. Only happiness, and love. We look forward to meeting you again Colby. We love you so much.