Aug 09 2012

NO PHOTO - December 15, 1996 - July 23,2012

We thank you for the fifteen years you gave to us. Your life was filled with adventure, joy, and most of all love. You blessed our home with your company. When we were alone, we knew we had you with us. We loved sharing our fries and tortillas with you and watching you sleep with your toy monkey. Every time we walk through the door, we remember how you would greet us. We know you will be the first one to run over to us when we get to Heaven. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of you but we are comforted knowing you are no longer in pain. Your transition into your next life was peaceful and we know you are resting now.

Sleep now and be at peace. We love you, Cooks.

In remembrance of our little girl,

The Alvarez Family