2008 - 2022

Crookshanks was my best friend and closest family member for 15 years. She was chatty and sweet. She never bit or scratched anyone in her entire life, even when I gave her a bath or had to check her teeth. She didn't have a single flaw. She didn't scratch the furniture or eat things she wasn't supposed to. She was the perfect cat and the perfect friend. She always knew when I was sad and would comfort me. She understood English and had recall like a dog. If I asked her to please leave a room or please come here or please stop doing that, she just would. She understood me better than any human. If she could, she would have done the dishes for me. I'm going to miss holding her close and kissing her forehead. She loved to be held tight and wrapped up in my arms. She was truly an angel and the world is a darker place without my little void.