This sweet boy came to us as a rescue 7 years ago. He only wanted love, those gorgeous big eyes never asking for anything else. He was safe with us. He loved car rides to starbucks, barking at dogs that walked by our home, stealing the kitties food when I wasn’t watching, snuggling with his best friend, and freeze dried chicken treats. He was “papa” to several fosters dogs and a litter of 4 over the years. He seemed to understand they needed something extra and would share his blankets or bed. He let the puppies jump around him without growling and let them drink from his water bowl. He was to be a companion for our sweet girl Bow who was going blind at 6 yrs but he became more than that. He became her eyes. Where ever he went, she went. Even in the yard. He would keep her from bumping into things by putting himself between and pushing her away. He gave her so much confidence. No, he wasn’t trained to do this, he figured it out for himself. We would go for walks and he kept her from the trees (curbs was my job though). Bless his sweet little heart, he did this til the end. Eventually losing his hearing, Bow became his ears and they were even more inseparable. It’s no wonder she is so lost right now. My heart is beyond broken with this loss but one day I will hold this sweet little man once again. It can’t be heaven if there are no dogs.