2003 - 2022

Sweet Diva! You came into my life at a few months old in 2003. I found out from a girl I knew at the time that you and your mama cat were outside with no home. I went to her house in hopes to find you both and as I was sitting in her kitchen, I heard your cry. I went looking and found you on the outside of a her window in the backyard. I looked and looked for mama cat and couldn't find her. With no hesitation I brought you home. You were so shy and as what most would call a loner but still, you knew who I was and that is all that mattered. As time went on you started to come more and more out of your shell, you just needed to learn to trust. At 19 years old, almost 20 you left my life physically, but I know that you will always be here spiritually. I love you baby girl! You have left paw prints on my heart forever 🐾💕