2009 - 2018

August 29, 2009 - June 12, 2018
Husky / Shepard Mix

She was very adventurous, smart, calm, loyal, caring, and loving. Foxie was always by my side every moment we were together.

Special Memory
From Dad: I never imagined the day we brought you home from the shelter that you would have such an impact on our lives. Foxie, not only were you a part of our family, You were my best friend. I will always remember hiking with you my little trail dog. My heart is broken and I love and miss you tremendously. Until we meet again puppy. From Auby: Foxie, our beautiful girl... it's going to be so hard imagining life without you. Since the day we met you, we knew you were a perfect match for us. We're going to miss your bright eyes, warm presence, and your gentle wet nose kisses. Thank you for choosing us and giving us so many amazing memories. We love you so much. From Riah:Thank you Foxie for bringing us many years of happiness and filling our hearts with joy and laughter. You were extraordinary and your ability to guide us when we were hiking the wrong path or being there to cuddle with, you brought so much warmth in our hearts. You were and always will be an amazing addition to our family. We love you, puppy.