Dec 04 2012

Gus was 17 years old when he died. He was our Neighborhood Cat. This wasn't a duty that he took lightly. He made sure that as the Neighborhood Cat that he was the official greeter of any visitors to his neighborhood. He would make his rounds and visit with any neighbors who were outdoors. He would help the mailman sort the mail. He would assist the pool man when he was servicing the pool. If there were any workers in the neighborhood, Gus was quick to lend a paw to help them do their jobs. (Never getting in the way, but supervising in a way that only cats can.)

Gus knew everybody and everybody knew Gus.

Gus was never a stray. Before becoming the Neighborhood Cat, he had official owners. When they moved back in 2002 they asked if Gus could stay behind. We all agreed. Gus was a fixture in the neighborhood and it wouldn't be the same without the feisty white cat with black spots. So Gus stayed on. He was outdoors during the day. At night, he had his own room in our community clubhouse.

Gus loved everybody and in return he was very much loved.

He died on Sunday, October 28th. He was sunning himself in the street and one of the new neighbors didn't see him and ran him over. We rushed him to the emergency vet, but Gus was severely injured. We didn't want him to suffer, so we let him go.

The neighborhood is NOT the same without Gus. He was greatly loved and he is very missed. But his legend lives on. And he is in many hearts, but he has a very special place, a Forever Home in my heart. Be at peace Gus.