• Halo •

To My Beautiful Halo~
I rescued you on November 12, 2016. I first saw your picture on Facebook and fell in love. I drove a thousand miles round trip in one day, across 3 states to get you and bring you home with me. There was nothing that was going to stop me. From the moment we became family, we were inseparable. Before you came, we lost another husky, Codi, to cancer. Our hearts were heavy. When you came along, you filled our hearts with love and you rescued us. Halo, you and I were soul mates. You were always excited about dinner. Running throughout the house with joy. Although, what dog wouldn't when your menu included freshly cooked organic chicken breast and organic rice in with the dog food. Oh yes, let's not forget the organic chicken stock which you knew as "chicky juice". We will never forget at 2 am you would wake up and go into each bedroom, walk to the sides of the beds to wait for confirmation that your family is safe. Then, return to my room to your bed until sun-up. Sunday mornings were a celebration. Halo, you enjoyed your Sunday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs and every once in a while, a slice of bacon which made your eyes glow large with adoration and thanks. A full story of Halo would not be complete if we didn't mention flinging mama's slippers across the room during the 2 am bed check.
I had only 2 Christmases and one summer vacation with you. However, everyday with you was a blessing. Having you in my life for only 16 months makes me ache inside with grief. I can't comprehend you are no longer in my arms but still in my heart. Halo, you are mama's special girl. My daily tears since April 8, 2018 are a symbol of my love for you. Halo honey, mama misses you and loves you. You weren't a dog - you were my baby - you were the reason my heart beats.