Jojo Bean we miss you so much. Our hearts are broken. You were the best of our family. The one always ready for hugs & kisses. The one always waiting at our door to greet us as we enter. Your little marble eyes & your cute little crooked leg😢We miss you so much. Mommy was your voice here on earth & I will miss talking for you. Daddy will miss you following to his morning shower everyday for 9 years. The boys will miss you taking turns sleeping in there rooms. And Dolly will miss her best friend. You were truly all 5 of our best friend💞 Jojo you were such a huge blessing sent to us from God. We will meet you at rainbow bridge when it's our time.
Love you with all of our heart.
You were the best boy anyone could have ever asked for. The BEST!!!
See you again one day baby boy.