K9 Copper

St. Marys police officers, community say goodbye to K9 Officer Copper

The St. Marys Police Department and Elk County community has said goodbye to a special, four-legged fellow officer. Copper, a 12-year-old German Shepherd, served St. Marys, all of Elk County and surrounding communities from 2009-2016. “K9 Copper was an invaluable asset to St. Marys and Elk County,” said Chief Tom Nicklas. “His abilities allowed officers to further their drug investigations by adding important evidence to prosecutions.” K9 officers have become an essential part of police departments and search teams throughout the country, helping assist in drug, criminal activity and missing persons cases. More than that, though, they become family members to their handlers and fellow police officers, along with their fans in the community. “Copper was also very popular with kids,” Nicklas said. “He will be missed.” Copper helped to locate suspects and people who were considered endangered and missing. He was also loyal to his handler, Sergeant Mike Shaffer, and always protected him. Copper was not only a brother to K9 Officer Nando, but a member of Shaffer’s family. “Copper was vital in assisting in the detection of illegal drugs that have such a pervasive impact on criminal activities,” said the department’s Facebook post. “K9 Copper acted as an ambassador to the City of St. Marys Police Department through many public appearances at entities of all types. “The officers are grateful for the capability and service of K9 Officer Copper.”


Source: k9memorialcards.com