2008 - 2019

Keeta came into our lives in December 2008.She was born under the sign of Libra and was an amazing canine.She lived peacefully with two cats and had a personality that was so mellow for an Akita dog.Our hearts are breaking that we have lost her to poor health that could not be reversed.She loved classical music,long walks at the beach,walks in the park and riding anywhere with her mom in the car.Many hours after her passing,late into the night, I heard an audible sound in my bedroom that sounded like her.It was enough for me to roll over and look and say 'What was that'? The next day a perfect double rainbow appeared.The translation of a double rainbow is where the material and spiritual worlds meet.We look forward to seeing her again one day in whatever realm that might be.God Bless You Keeta Dog,we Love and Miss you more than words could ever express.May you find the Peace you deserve.Thank You West Coast for giving us this outlet.Namaste.