Kinks was our beloved seven year old Ragdoll/Manx mix who we named for the kink in his tail which resulted from his interesting parentage. His brother, Stubby, who we also adopted, has a little stubby tail; I think he misses his brother.
Kinks, I miss the way you loved sticking your head under running faucets for a drink, even if you had a full water bowl, and it meant that your head or paws got wet in the process. I miss that you were a snuggle muffin who loved laying with me, and I miss your greeting meow. I'll never forget my sweet boy who liked to stand with his paws on my chest so that i could scritch your ears and face, and I appreciate all the times you let me use you as a pillow. I don't know why you were taken from me so suddenly on Sunday, June 10, but I hope that you're playing happily and sleeping in the sunshine over the rainbow bridge. Wait for me, Kinksies.