Kuya Li-it


Kuya Li-it
November 13, 2019
Netherland Dwarf Bunny

Sweet, kind, loving

Special Memory
My handsome boy had been with us for 9.3 wonderful years, and not a day went by when I didn’t appreciate him being around. He loves his carrots & bananas only from Traders Joe. He was OCD when it comes to his grooming. He is always by his water container and cleaning himself ( he had two water containers, replenished twice a day) especially after I pinch his chubby cheeks. He will wash, scrub his face off instantly. He trimmed his own nails. That’s how he loved to groom himself. If I was eating, he would join me and he would start eating his OxBow pellets. He would shake his pellets container to make sure he’ll get the crunchy one from the bottom of the container. He would always greet me or anybody who gets home. He would stand up and raised his cute paws and I would tell him ( even though he has no voice for me to hear) “ Kuya Li-it, I can hear you out loud, hold on!” He was our watcher in the late evening and every evening I can hear him snore very loud but that will stop and he’ll be awake again. If he sense of dangers he’ll warn us And he will thump and he thumps really loud. So don’t think that 25 centimeters of height, weight of 2 pounds can’t be that loud. I always tease him that in the bear family he is my panda bear because of his white fur and black spots. In the evening while he is out of his cage, I would tell him “If you want your banana, when I get back go nite-nite “ and when I get back, he’s in his cage standing up, raising his paws, demanding for his Traders Joe bananas. Five minutes before his heart stops beating, I heard a popping sound in the dining area. I knew it was my big boy Kuya Li-it. I told him it’s ok to let go and not to worry about us anymore. God & Jesus are calling him back to Heaven because his purpose here on earth is all done. I love you my big boy Kuya Li-it! Though your appearance is a bunny, to me you are a human-like boy. A handsome, sweet, caring, loving son. I know you loved me unconditionally. Thank you for the love you have shown me. Thank you for watching me every night. I will miss you. Until my time comes, I will see you again. See you over the Rainbow Bridge.