Lily a.k.a. Puppy Longstocking

2022 - 2022

Lily entered my life about a month ago when a friend of mine suggested that I get a pet to help me get through a difficult break-up with a woman I love entirely too much. The people I bought her from said she had her paperwork, then about eight or ten days ago I find out THIS litter didn't get their shots and I'd need to get them myself.i couldn't find a place I could afford to get her shots, and about 4 days after I found out, she caught parvo. The cheapest I found parvo treatmeant was $3,700, with a $500 grant from the Auburn pet Emergency Clinic. We did everything we could to keep her hydrated and follow home treatment remedies until the early hours of April, 9th, 2022 she left us. She was a soldier though. Not once did she howl, whimper, or cry out in pain. She was surrounded by people who love her the entire time and will forever be remembered and missed immensely. My family and friends on the other side just received the most adorable, happiest, puppy that's full of so much life and love. I love and miss her so much. It was entirely too early for her to leave.