Logan Blaine


Logan Blaine
March 4, 2016

Sweet as the summer breeze...

Special Memory
If I didn't believe there was another place you go after this life ...I do now. The day before she passed I got a feed on my FB with a caption that somehow was familiar. At 1am when I was woken by Logan's stained breathing, I bend over and told her I love you always, but go now. Leave this place.. She immediately collapsed in my arms. I felt her light leaving her little body. When morning came the FB post came to my mind, and I realized it was part of a lyrick from a song that I sang to her mom, my other baby girl that pass 4 years prior. It was a song I dedicated to Logan's mom Frankie.....I know they are together. I miss them both dreadfully, but eager to see them when it's my turn. But til then I have promised to keep to them both, to live a life of worth ...See you 2 babies in the next fold....Daddy loves you both forever..