• Loki •

Loki brought tremendous joy and love to our lives in a way only a true family member could. He was our little man, and to say he was our pet would be incorrect. We were his and his alone! He shared his love equally and without hesitation!! He was truly a shining light in the dark and could always make you feel better no matter the situation. He was beyond loyal and the smartest little man I have every had the pleasure of knowing. He has left us with so many wonderful memories and that is why it has been so very hard to say goodbye to our best friend. His absence has left us both broken-hearted as we feel he was taken from us way too soon.

Loki was 9 years & 5mths old and even though he fought incredibly hard to win and stay here with us, his fight with cancer ended our time here on earth together. We are both looking forward to that day we can see him again.