Mandy Starr Rodriguez

Our precious Mandy, we all miss you every single minute of every single day. You were way too young to leave us. Mommy is so sorry she didn't see that you were outside that night when I took out the trash. I thought Daddy had gotten all of you in, but I should of double checked & I regret that stupid mistake constantly. What I would give to have you here with us again!! I want to go back & do it right this time, but I can't!!! It's so quiet in our home without you! You were the voice. Your two 4 mth old sons, Beluga & Munchie, looked for you for days. Beluga would stand at our door crying cause he thought we forgot you. Your Dad, Dino, your sisters, Lexi & Alicia, your brother, Lance, & your daughter, Diamond miss you so much too. I had no idea you were the fire under their wings. We miss you smiling at us, showing us those beautiful teeth of yours, since you knew how much joy that brought us. Baby girl, Mommy, Daddy & Nicholas miss you & love you with all our hearts!!!