2011 - 2021

Maslow, you were your parents first dog as a couple. You were sweet, goofy and hilarious. You loved to jump, you were so fast. Your Mama and Daddy remember when we took you to an open field and you shot of like a low-flying rocket. We are missing your sweet operatic aroos when we would come home. It was one of the most musically joyful things we ever experienced.

As much as you were a nut you became such a wise sweet and calm boy in your age and you helped center your family.

We are and will be missing you so much. We loved the way you squeaked balls, played with Dad, enjoyed tummy rubs from any willing person and how much you welcomed our first human baby into this world.

When you first met your human baby sister we had never seen such a sweet loving welcome as you gave her. It is the main memory that keeps coming to our minds.

We hope you are playing, jumping and chasing as many squirrels 🐿️ as you can. Daddy is beside himself everyday since you have been gone. Believe it or not so is your little dog sister. She and Dad stay up late feeling so sad that you are not there to snuggle and snack on treats.

We love you buddy.

Mom, Dad, Clementine, Bea and even Dulce (the cat)