Meech Griffith

2011 - 2022

In 2009 I got my first Yorkie Tyson. To ensure Tyson had a friend, I allowed him to mate with my friend’s dog Princess then came Meech. These two were basically my children because I do not have any human babies yet. I took Meech home with me after just six-weeks and he was so happy to be with me and his dad-dog Tyson. Meech was hilariously feisty but very calm and loving. If he wasn’t with me, he kept to himself. He went out of his way to ignore strangers and was not much of a people’s dog. However, Meech loved me so much and was so strong even up until his demise. He had overcome going through two surgery’s this year and was still suffering in pain. I am sad to say goodbye to my baby after 11 years but happy to know he will suffer no more. Rest in Paradise baby boy. I love you.