She was my rock then and is my inspiration now! No more had we cleared everything off of the moving truck and I was down at the shelter, looking for my forever love! There in a fish tank in the front lobby (because she was so small!) was a little puppy that had been left in a box, on the doorstep of the shelter. She was barking a bark that I came to learn over the years, would be her very distinct voice! As I never make a decision quickly, I went home to “think about it.” Well, I couldn’t get her off of my mind! Since I could not get off of work the next day to go adopt her, the shelter actually brought her to me! It was 14 years of amazing love and memories. The day she died, my life changed; it changed because of the life we shared and my new normal of my life without her.
She gave to me the inspiration for what I do and every day she is the reason that I want to be there to help other family’s going through what I went through on that horrible, horrible day. RIP, My Baby Girl. RIP. One day, we will be together again! I will always love you, Mico!