2007 - 2021

Our sweet baby Neen!!! We miss you so much!! From the moment we met when I was 18 we knew we needed each other!! You were such a great companion and loyal friend to me! We did everything and went everywhere together! Nina was always there for me!! She went through a lot of major milestones with me! The biggest one was getting married! Her Daddy loved her so much! It took Nina a long time to warm up to her Daddy, once she did she loved and trusted him so much!! Nina we are going to miss feeding you your favorite foods, dressing you in your cute outfits and costumes, your loud snoring, your stinky kisses, taking you on walks, going on vacations with you, you sleeping in between our heads in bed, you and the water bowl, you being at work with me, you doing your tricks and your presence in our home! We will never forget you or all our memories together! We love you Mama, Sis, Neen, Nina