2013 - 2023

kNOWN as "aaron's cat" olive and aaron met at the west valley animal shelter when olive was 6 weeks old. though she spent the first few days hiding under aaron's bedroom furniture, she quickly became a family member with impeccable manners, who sat at the dinner table on a chair and considered aaron's bedroom her own. it wasn't until she had to stay with milo due to a flood at her home, that she realized she was a cat and that counters and tables were meant for jumping up and walking on. olive's favorite things included tuna juice, curling ribbon and for a long while, blue mousey. she also was found of wearing a tartan plaid ribbon, as we sang "here she comes, Miss americat." she had the softest rabbit/mink-like fur, was a huge talker who frequently said "aaron," had the best purr and gentle snore, and delighted us all with her big cat pose on the back of furniture, with all four legs dangling. Olive was a dedicated lizard chaser much to the chagrin of her family, and the lizards, and was able to spend a couple of her last days engaged in that favorite hobby. her rapid decline was sudden and unexpected, and despite dedicated healthcare, her suffering was too great. known to all family and friends as the 7th family member and venerated with the wifi address Olive's House, she will be forever missed. olive leaves a hole that cannot be filled, but must be grown around. Rest in peace, dear Olive, your graceful presence, gentle spirit, affectionate purrs and loving companionship will forever be a blessing in our hearts.