Our little Toby

May 30 2012

February 2007- May 16, 2012

We must have asked ourselves over a thousand times if we had made the correct choice. The "what if's" only seemed to make the hurt of your loss that much more unbearable. I believe in my heart you knew how much we truly loved you, because we knew how infinite your love was for us. You completed our unique family making it a whole. Now our home feels lonely.... empty... and quiet. Perhaps time will help with this.

You were our protector from what we couldn't see or hear. You were our security when things became hard or lonely. You were our warm spot on a cold winter day or rainy afternoon. You were our tissue when tears would roll down our cheeks. You ARE our forever companion.

The hand you were dealt with is still hard to understand, the decision we made still weighs heavy on our shoulders. We want to believe that we spared you an ending of pure discomfort and inevitably pain. One thing we are certain of in all this confusion is that you are now free to be the spark of life that you were. To be the Toby you couldn't be after your cancer took a hold of your tiny body and soul. To be the Toby we terribly miss.

Thank you for all your lessons. For blessing us with so much life, all your loyalty and your never ending love for us. You were truly one of a kind. We miss you, Toby, very much. Forever in our hearts until we see each other again, bubas...

With aching hearts,
Nate, Anitza, & Rae