2008 - 2020

December 1, 2008 - May 6, 2020

Sweet, loving, brave, protective.

Special Memory
Pearl was my little sister, and my moms own child. She was so love-able and loved going with us for car rides. We took her everywhere. My mom would bring her when she would pick my brothers, sister, and I up from school. She really got attached to my mom, she would cry tears of joy when my mom would come home from work or even the store. She saw us as her siblings, and my mom as her mom. During her later years, she got really sick, not once but 3 times. She was a fighter, she always pulled through and her doctors were amazed. This time, she couldn't fight no more. The vet said it was best we put our little sweet angel to rest. We couldn't be with her during her final moments because of COVID-19 regulation. Pearl, we will always love you and I know we will meet again. My little sis.