2006 - 2024

What can I say about Petunia? She was a very dear and beloved cat that was part of our lives and an important member of our family (just my husband and myself) for the past 18-years. My husband and I got married about 20 years ago so we had her in our lives for the majority of our marriage.
I am still in disbelief that she is now gone. It’s always harder than we think to lose a beloved pet.
Petunia – from Day One – was always a very unique and affectionate cat. She had a personality and quirky habits all her own. She had a curious heart-shaped nose. She just loved to eat, too!
Several cats ran away – but Ms. Petunia never showed any interest in running away. She was an indoor cat through and through. When she did finally get a taste of the outdoor world – she would spend 5-10 minutes max outside and then promptly return to where it was more comfortable.
Petunia to me, will always be a special feline in our lives because of her unique personality, her loving demeanor and her complete loyalty. Not having her around feels surreal, but I trust in my heart that, God willing, we might get to see her again in Paradise and never have to part ways again.