Dec 04 2012

Piper, born 7-13-2000 crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-30-2012.

These are a few pictures of Angels Piper Lynn and some pictures with her sister Angles Night Skye. Both Piper and Skye were born on July 13, 2000. Trying to pick pictures has been very hard for me to do.

We have been blessed to have had five Shelties enriching our lives for the past 23 years. Piper, was our fourth Sheltie to enter our lives, along with her sister, Skye. Each of these dogs have had their own personalities, and no two were alike. We have loved each one, and each one had given their unquestioning love back tenfold.

Piper was always with me, and when I had an accident, she would not leave my side except to get food, water or go outside. She always was back in a few minutes and would then lie next to my back which had been broken in the accident. The pressure and warmth of her next to my back was better than any heat pad could ever be.

Piper will be missed, but always remembered. Her sister, Skye, is now starting to fill the void left by Piper by being with or next to me.

Our thanks go to the vets and their assistants who, with their dedication, had taken care of Piper.

Thank you,
Rod and Jane McLauchlin