Polo Bear Guzman

2012 - 2022

Our sweet baby boy “Polo Bear” our world is empty without you. We constantly look for you to come around every corner, into every door, come in from the garage when YOU’RE ready for the day. Sadiee looks for you everywhere and smells and lays on your bed and blankets, she is also lost WITHOUT you. Her big brother and our baby boy, you shall always be. We know your illness took a toll on you your last few days, but we are thankful for the extra fight you put in. You gave us an extra few months to love you more, spoil and just have you here with us. Although it hurts so deeply, we know you are no longer suffering or in any pain. God has taken you to His green fields that is surrounded by beauty, fun and have reunited with your brother Rocky and loved ones. Run freely and find all the softballs you can. Watch over us sweet boy and bring our family comfort when you can. We will miss you forever and promise you, our home will always be just that. The light will remain forever bright to find us in your travels. Thank you for your love, heart, wet kisses, scratched furniture and scented blankets. We miss those big brown eyes, that handsome smile, those great big paws and that eagerness to watch tv. Daddy said you won, you are still “The boss” and it shall remain this way always. I am sorry I complained about your hair everywhere, I keep finding your blonde curly hair around the house and I don’t even want to sweep it up. Thanks for leaving so much behind. We shall cherish it all, the memories you left behind. It's time to stop being our protector baby. Until we meet again, know that we are also always with you sweet boy. Today we may hurt and the tears will CONTINUE to fall for you but they are because we love you so much. Job well done. Calling “Polo Bear Guzman” ………… daddy, mommy, Sadiee, Minni and all of your family loves and misses you so much. Go to all go run and see your favorite beaches, parks and anywhere you want now baby. Xoxoxo