Princess Darling

2004 - 2018

Princess Darling
April 1, 2004 - December 14, 2018
Domestic Short Hair

Feisty, curious but guarded.

Special Memory
Princess and her sister Troubles earned their name on the way home the night that I picked them up from their foster family. They were polar opposites of each other but both displayed their own personalities right away. Princess was so tough and independent, but she had a gentle side if you were lucky enough for her to feel comfortable with you. She would sleep on top of my back when she was a kitten, then next to my head as she got older. She was so protective of me. She demanded that I give her my full attention 24-7. She hated when my mom would come in to talk with me and she'd meow insistently until my mom left the room. If I were on the phone she would walk up to my face and meow so everyone knew she was right there. Then she would pace back and forth until I gave her 100% of my focus. Princess loved for me to talk to her in the mommy voice as if she were a toddler. I would say, "wheres my little tiny preemie newborn infant toddler?" and she would come running. My beautiful baby girl, mommy loves you so very much. I love you my baby kitten.