Puck Perdomo


Puck Perdomo
December 19, 2018
Norwich Terrier

Loyal furry family member

Special Memory
We will never forget the day Puck followed my little brother home from school. He fit in my brother's backpack. He was so tiny he could fit in the palm of your hand. He was no more than 15 lbs his entire life. No one knows where he came from but we're grateful he chose our family to call his own. He gave us 17 wonderful years. He was so loved we gave him numerous nicknames: Pucky, Puckio, Pucky the Pow Pow, The Pow Pow, The Pow, Pow Pow, or just Pow. We miss him dearly and the pitter patter of his paws in the house. But he took a piece of all of our hearts so he can find his way back to us once again. Wherever you are Pucky, until we meet again, WE LOVE YOU!