2004 - 2018

Ramses was always a gentleman. He never drank out of the toilet bowl, he was not a crotch sniffer or a leg humper. He did not dig in the trash or chew anything but his toys. He would put himself to sleep in my spot on the bed and when I came in and started to undress, he would get up and move over, leaving me his nice warmed spot. He was a gentleman to the end. Even with renal failure and cancer he still relieved himself outside, determined never to be incontinent or soil the house. When I finally made the decision to ease his pain he even protected me from that decision by leaving on his own terms while lying beside me, feeling me stroke him and hearing my voice comforting him. He had a joyous last two days. He spent the previous day with my parents, their dog and me and had a lovely walk saying goodbye to all their neighbors. Perhaps he knew, but we had no idea it would be his last goodbye. Then he spent a quiet day with me, just being close. He even moved over to my lap for a long snuggle. I'm sure if he could have lived forever he would have.