2013 - 2019

May 25, 2013 - October 16, 2019
Jack-A-Ranian Beagle

Loyal, adorable, and loud lol

Special Memory
My handsome son. I remember the day perfectly when I carried you home when you were just 2 months old. My family couldn't wait to meet you and when the moment came you stole everyone's heart. You expressed yourself so much we thought you were human, you are such an amazing dog. Everyday that I got to live with you was a gift. Thank you for always standing at the window waiting for us to come home, thank you for your endless kisses, thank you for barking at everything that moved, thank you for bringing warmth into our home, but most of all thank you for coming into our lives. God I miss you so much Ren, there will be never be another like you. I will love you ALWAYS.