Rocky Hudson was a sweet natured, affectionate, active, friendly and happy doggie that his Dog Mommy Anne called her “forever puppy.” He was loved tremendously and is already missed by his family.

Rocky lived in more places than most people; 8 cities in 2 states and had many airplane flights including on private jets. His favorite places to live were in Redondo Beach, Pacifica and Emeryville. He loved dog-friendly hotels especially the Hotel Nikko (Anna Marie-the General Manager took such good care of him, and he was glad to meet the CIC - Canine in charge Buster), W Hotel (in Hollywood and Chicago) and the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay. He also enjoyed the luxury pet hotel Wag’s San Francisco when Anne (Dog Mommy) had to travel without him. Greg (honorary Dog Daddy) helped take care of Rocky in his formative years too when she worked especially long hours and traveled.

His favorite work visits were puppy days at 106 KMEL @ iHeart Media with the whole team especially Katie. His Mommy loved to take Rocky with her on work trips and road trips too especially travel to the beach.

Rocky loved sleeping just adjacent to his 4 beds. He loves to sing, especially soulful ballads-mostly on key-but if you tried to film him he’d stop; he was shy. He loved beef, but it was only a treat and his main meals often included chicken.

Rocky (aka baby, boo boo and pooh) loved to snuggle by the fire at night and during the day especially paid attention to your every move; especially if he heard you in the kitchen. His favorite snack was shredded cheese or mother Hubbard’s peanut butter biscuits.

His GrandDog Mommy’s house was his favorite destination especially when she took him to “Rocky’s Park!” or to see the fish at PetSmart and on their Target shopping runs with Mommy. GrandDog Mommy knew how to speak to him and they had their own special language, hugs and treats.

He loved to give his Doggie Uncle Lance a special kiss hello greeting. His GodDog Mommy Jyoti had her own special greeting too and she was there when he went to his first Hollywood Auditions. He won several costume contests and “cutest pet” titles in online contests.

Rocky was a service dog who helped remind everyone to pay attention to alarms and had a specialty for telling when oven food was ready to serve. He enjoyed visiting retired veterans.

His Dog Mommy wants to thank everyone who ever showed him any affection or care. You were a part of shaping his wonderful personality - Thank you!

His Mommy Anne feels blessed to have been able to have him as her constant companion for nearly 15 years and she cherishes every single minute they shared together. From career advancements and moves, home purchases, car purchases and every life happening in between, Rocky remained a positive loving source of inspiration and will be forever missed.