• Rusty •

Oh my big head red, how I miss you so much. You've been so good to all of us, always so gentle and sweet. You loved the kids, like they were your own, and you loved the rest of our furry bunch, everyone loved you. I remember the day your dad found your picture on a rescue site, I didn't want to get a large dog, you were such a big puppy. Your dad called the rescue place to ask about you, the guy said you were a dufus, as soon as I heard that word, I wanted to meet you. We drove to see you, and i, the one who didn't want a large dog, fell in love with you instantly. For the last 11 years, you were the perfect furry best friend a girl could ask for. So much about you is missed tremendously, the way you would get excited to hear the ice cream truck, you tattling on the kids for running in the house, your cheek pressed against the window doing your side glance at us when you saw us outside, when you would growl at daddy when he kissed and hugged me and pry us apart, the way you got excited when we walked through the door, even if we were only gone for a minute, when you use to take a pacifier just like a human baby would because your oldest human baby had one, I could go on to write a book of all my memories of you. My heart is breaking without you by my side. I hope you rest easy my big head red. I always knew I'd take it hard when you passed, I didn't realize it would hit this hard. I love you so much, and so does the rest of your family. Till we meet again, lots of hugs, kisses, and rubs sent your way.