Sasha Beane Evans

2000 - 2017

Sasha Beane Evans
May 30, 2000 - December 13, 2017

Busy-bodied, cunning, protective, hard-headed, friendly, loving, whipper snapper.

Special Memory
I have so many memories of you, that it’s still hard to say that you left us. The memories of you rolling around with the chew toy that was just as big as you as a puppy. Coming home from school and replacing my books in my backpack with you so, that we had time to take my bike or skateboard out for a few hours before Mom got home. All those cross country trips we took where I talked mom into letting you out of your cage so, you could see the world as we passed it by. All those things and more make it damn near hard to tell myself that there’s no more time with you. Seventeen years of my developing life with you Pookie. From childhood to adulthood, we had each other 'till your dying day you were at my side. Thank you for all your years ignoring me, annoying me, accompanying me, waiting for me, playing with me, sleeping with me, comforting me, forgiving me, and loving me. I tried to express my gratitude before you went through saying goodbye but it was all I could muster. I miss you and I love you still, unconditionally Sasha. We all miss you. I think even Zoe, in her own selfish way does, too. You will forever be in my hear. Your 17 years stretched to my lifetime. Goodbye.